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AMOHA organisation

What : AMOHA organisation is a direct sales and marketing company. We as a company completely focus on vision, brand and the perception about people. It helps in providing services to the customers in the areas of customer service, customer acquisition, branding and promotion. We are like a bridge between our potential end customers and clients.

Who : We as a company are working with the service based industry which is at the BOOM. Intangible services are supplied to individuals by the business sector, which also handles duties that benefit consumers, clients, companies, or the general population as a whole. We at AMOHA organisation acquire thousands of customers every month for the clients like Google, TATA sky, UNICEF, IndusInd bank and many more.

How : The methods we employ to train the people we hire and the mechanisms we utilize to gain new clients are the keys to producing exceptional quality outcomes for our clients. Such as:

  • Law of averages
  • Human-commercial
  • Procedures for representing clients
  • Taking a direct approach to the marketplace
  • Leadership in business training

Hard Workers



What Makes Us Different?

As an organisation with a growth-oriented mindset, Amoha is one of the most distinguished organisations in its category.

Holistic Focus on Vision and Brand Perception

Unlike traditional sales and marketing companies, AMOHA places a significant emphasis on shaping the vision and brand perception of both clients and end customers. This approach goes beyond simple transactional interactions to build lasting relationships and strong brand identities.

Specialization in Intangible

AMOHA specializes in the booming service-based industry, catering to the needs of clients offering intangible services. This expertise allows the company to effectively market and promote services that may not have physical products, focusing instead on delivering value through experiences and benefits.

Customer Acquisition

With a track record of acquiring thousands of customers monthly for renowned clients such as Google, TATA Sky, UNICEF, and IndusInd Bank, AMOHA demonstrates exceptional proficiency in customer acquisition strategies. This includes leveraging innovative approaches to reach and engage target audiences effectively.

Unique Training and

AMOHA stands out by implementing distinctive training methodologies for its workforce. By incorporating principles like the law of averages, human-commercial dynamics, and leadership in business training, the company ensures that its employees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver outstanding results for clients.

Direct Approach to the

Unlike indirect or passive marketing approaches, AMOHA adopts a direct approach to the marketplace. This proactive stance enables the company to establish direct connections with potential customers, resulting in more personalized interactions and higher conversion rates.

Focus on Quality

AMOHA prioritizes quality outcomes for its clients, and this commitment is reflected in its meticulous procedures for representing clients and executing marketing campaigns. By maintaining high standards and attention to detail, the company consistently delivers superior results that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

People's Review

Amoha not only values professional growth but also fosters a vibrant and fun work culture. From exciting road trips as part of our sales initiatives to team-building activities, the experience here is both rewarding and enjoyable. Proud to be a part of this dynamic environment.

Amoha offers an empowering workplace where creativity thrives. As a multitasking manager, I value the dynamic challenges and supportive leadership that foster professional growth. Highly recommended.

Working at Amoha has been a game-changer for me. The diverse work challenges and freedom of creativity have propelled my career forward. Proud to be a part of this innovative team.

Amoha's emphasis on aggressive expansion aligns perfectly with my leadership style. The managerial role allows me to tackle diverse challenges while maintaining a professional outlook. Excited for what's ahead

Amoha's commitment to employee growth is unmatched. As a leader by nature, I appreciate the trust placed in me to drive results. The supportive environment fosters both personal and professional development

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